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THG Naturals Standards

Not all products are created equal. THG Naturals have been formulated by our team of Doctors and Food Scientists. We manage the process from seed to finished products.

You know everything that goes into our products. In-case someone needs extra proof, we provide third-party lab test results on everything we sell.

Our CBD exceeds industry standards in purity. Our hemp-derived products are 99%+ pure CBD.

Our oils taste fantastic. If you’ve tried other CBD products you’ll understand why that’s a big deal.


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THG Naturals focuses on quality, transparency and results. We align ourselves with wholesale/retail partners that share our vision, our passion and seek to provide the best quality products to their customers.

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We have low minimum order quantity (M.O.Q.) amounts for our wholesale/retail partners. Don’t get stuck with product that you don’t need. Aren’t sure which products to select? We offer StarterKit’s that have been hand picked by us so you can have a variety of our highest selling products.

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You just made the best decision for your business. CBD is projected to be a 50+ Billion dollar industry by 2025. You have customers and clients today who are using CBD products or want to but don’t have a trusted source.